Alice Pairan – Why this Project

We live in a time of great potential mirrored in technological, social, and scientific advances, with ever-increasing possibilities for humanity to flourish on its path toward collective maturity. While the road to achieve justice, unity and peace is arduous and marked by setbacks, there are lights on that road that uplift the traveler, assist with orientation and bring much-needed hope for clarity, even joy.

One of those lights is the efforts of individuals and groups to use technology to give a voice to the voiceless, bring stories to life that might otherwise be forgotten, unearth the contributions, big and small, of protagonists buried by history.

Alice Pairan is one of these forgotten voices, as many women and women artists before her. What a shining star is reflected in her oeuvre!

We, her daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter, carrying on the female legacy of the family, are indebted to the strength and genius of our female ancestors.

The main credo of Agenda 2030, adopted by the entirety of the UN’s 193 Member States, is to leave no-one behind. Inspired by the power of this idea, we are delighted to share with the world the life and work of Alice Pairan. Left behind no longer.

Es existiert ein großes Portfolio an Alice Pairan Kunstwerken zum Verkauf, für Ausstellungen und Besichtigungen.

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